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White has always been a color of elegance and you can choose it as a theme for your interior when you purchase the Thassos White Marble Collection. This tiles spark beauty wherever they are installed; in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or even out door. Using either a classic or modern style approach, it’s about time you transformed how your house looked with Thassos marble tiles.

Nothing can compare to Thassos white marble in beauty, and the possibility of playing around with colors gives you multiple options of beautifying your house. Marble stone is also known to be durable and tough in nature, so you won’t ever complain about a chip on the floor or a crack on the wall. Our Thassos White Marble collection will last you a lifetime and in this lifetime your home will always have a beautiful and natural edge you will appreciate every day.

It’s about time you got rid of the cement floors and rotting wooden floors and have a complete makeover. Thassos White Marble tiles will make your home striking and elegant as opposed to the dullness you once knew of.

Just make your order today of any tile choice in the Thassos White Marble collection we have and we’ll send the package and installation experts to your doorstep.

Thassos White Marble for Your Kitchen Floor Tile And Bathroom Wall Tile

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3×6 Marble Subway Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen

Timber White Marble 3x6 Subway Tile Tumbled Silver Travertine 3x6 Subway Tile Thassos White Marble 3x6 Subway Tile Brushed Noce 3x6 Subway Tile Ming Green Marble 3x6 Polished Subway Tile Light Emperador Marble 3x6 Polished Subway Tile Jerusalem Gold 3x6 Subway Tile Honey Onyx 3 X 6 Polished Premium Brick / Subway Tile Bianco Dolomiti 3x9 Polished Marble Tile Dark Emperador 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Crema Marfil Selecto 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Crema Marfil 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Bianco Carrara 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Cappuccino 3 x 6 Polished Marble Subway Tile Calacatta Golden Marble 3x6 Polished Tile 3x8 Calacatta Gold Tile Mosaic Botticino 3x6 Polished Marble Tile 3x6 Ceramic Subway Tile Afyon Sugar Premium Polished 3x6 Tile Crema Caramel Onyx 3x6 Subway Tile

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Subway Tiles and Glass Mosaics

Subway tiles have this unique ability to create a brick like appearance on walls it is used in. this design is owed to way back in early 19th century when the tiles were first used to decorate subways in New York. It is from here the concept was borrowed, and today we have the option of experimenting that brick look with different tile types.

Subway tile is characterized by the interlocking rectangle patterns on its surface, hence the nickname brick. Ever since the concept was borrowed from New York train alleys these tiles have found their way into homes as the idea decorative material. This is because of a number of advantages the tile model possesses. First it is cheaper than most tiles in the market like stone or wood. Additionally, subway tiles are ceramic in nature thus are resistant to moisture hence cannot be easily stained. Moreover, they don’t retain allergen or odor on the surface which is why they are used a lot of times in remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

Since its advent, the ‘brick’ structure has moved from ceramic and is now being tested in other materials in the market. Glass mosaics are one of the successful shifts from ceramic and which really do an excellent decorative job when used. The modern day kitchen will have glass mosaic subway on the island or backsplash. The 3 by 6 inch tiles are perfect on these small areas since using glass all over your kitchen may come out looking a bit redundant. But for the backsplash or island, it brings out a conspicuous effect by being the center of attraction when you walk into your kitchen.

Subway Tiles and Glass Mosaic Tiles for your Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom Design

Previously, subway tile was mostly used in white but new inventions have allowed the experimenting of different colors. How one chooses they colored subway glass mosaics depends on what theme or mood they want to achieve. Since the kitchen and bathroom need a relaxed look all the time, warm colored subway tiles are more ideal. The size of the brick-like tiles has also changed over the years. The trademark 3by6inch tile is now being succeeded with 4×4, 4×8 and 4×10 inch tiles.

The subway tiles and glass mosaics blend is working and more homes are warming up to the idea. If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom or kitchen as well you can try a glass mosaic subway tile for a fresh and isolated look.

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White Carrara is formed by heating and compressing limestone. This happens under natural conditions in Carrara hills of Italy. Because of its natural flare, Italian Carrara has been widely used to decorate households as well as businesses all over the world. But you don’t have to always read about Carrara marble tile in magazines or review articles; you can definitely have it installed in your house right away!

A pristine metamorphic tile discovered early enough to be voted as one of the best tiling material in modern age, it comes with a very unique profile you won’t see in most tiles. The surface has a white and grey background blending in with gray veins creating amazing undertones amid the colors in your living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Carrara Marble Tiles and Mosaic

The Color Blend

Italian Carrara having an ideal toned background creates the bench mark color in which all your other house colors blend into. The type of marble white Carrara tile you choose defines the kind of them your entire house will take. To give you some pointers, white Carrara tile will blend perfectly with cool blue colors, spotless whites, really heavy grays or sea-greens.

Carrara tile gives you the liberty to try something different from what others have done in their houses. So break the monotony by fusing the Italian Carrara with some Bardiglio marble tile- this special tile will add a perfect dark and white contrast to the color mix.

The Carrara Tile Finishing

How you finish your house décor with white Carrara tiles determines what kind of look you achieve in the end. If you are redecorating your bathroom, you may need to consider intermixing pure Carrara marble tiles with mosaic Italian Carrara. If you fear spending extra on different tiles, try some window shopping to land on the best deal.

To add some more serene flare to your bathroom, you can invest in honed Carrara tiles with an elegant matte finish. Sometimes you may want to create that country look in your bathroom; the perfect choice for a country bathroom is white Carrara with a Tuscan finish. Tuscan has ideal bumps on the surface which are waxed to a smooth and glossy finish.

Laying Italian Carrara

Anywhere you place the white Carrara tile will definitely make that area glow. But if you really want an elegant and modern looking interior, try these Italian Carrara tiles on your walls, the shower tub decks, vanity and definitely the floors.

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Metal 1×1 Mosaic or 1×1 Marble Mosaic ? find out which one make your bathroom look great! 


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Using 12×12 Tiles for your bathroom, feels like make your bathroom bigger or smaller ? | Bathroom design ideas for NJ, PA, VA, NY, CT


Using right tiles going to make your bathroom more rich look, but wrong tile will make your bathroom look smaller, and boring…
Lets start with Natural Stone : could be any white. but most popular is Italian White Carrara, try to use 12×12 or 18×18 for your floor. for your wall use smaller pieces. Like 6×6 or 3×6 subway tiles and add basketweave or insert between two tiles.


Buying real italian white carrara tiles is not a big deal but you have to be careful about fake white carrara. some companies are selling chinese white carrara as Italian white carrara.

Let me recommend  this company : All Marble Tiles INC ( allmarbletiles.com ) they have highest quality Real Italian White Carrara.
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Dark Emprador Marble collection is a classic marble tile used in five start hotels. This is a great chance to bring that intercontinental feeling to your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Dark Emprador is a one of a kind marble tile resembling a jewel stone with a touch of espresso brown hue. Like the Antic marble, the Dark Emprador also spots dark veins vividly running through the tile, which adds to its sophisticated luster.

The Dark Emprador Marble collection can create that masterpiece grand entrance to your living room or a striking environment where you take your warm baths in. This same espresso brown effect can paint your entire kitchen blending in with the matching brown kitchenware you have. Moreover, you can decide to use one shade of Dark Emprador Marble tile or you can work with different browns to add some sophistication.

Marble is known to create a natural stone look in any room it is used in and it is quite tough and resistant to damage. Maintenance is pretty easy as well because it doesn’t stain that easy and you only need a rug and detergent to wipe the surface once a while to maintain the sparkle.  You can order our Dark Emprador Marble Tile Collection anytime and we’ll make the delivery to your door step.


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Itallian Carrara Tiles | Carrara Marble Italian White Bianco Carrera Collection | NJ | NY | CT | VA | PA

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