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Enjoy the organic subtleties of concrete with this precast ready-to-install tile. All Marble Tiles designed and manufactured to bring a natural feel with modern simplicity and classic, timeless beauty to any area. To achieve this, the tiles have natural variation and random shading in every piece and box; these are characteristics of concrete tiles made with cement. The varying shades, color, pattern and slight size differences enhance and further promote the natural look and feel of the concrete tiles installed to any area. All Marble Tiles stimulates versatility by offering unique 2D shapes and 3D sculptural designs.

What is the difference between other Waterjet or Mosaics and 3D Mosaics?

We can say freely the big difference is you can feel shapes on the sculptural designs.

What are 2D Mosaics? 

What are 3D Mosaics? 

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Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash Tile

All kitchens may look good for preparing family meals in, but not all of them have that homely feeling. A little sprucing up of the kitchen counter top or backsplash tile can make a big difference in how your cooking area looks. And if you are a stay at home mum, remember this is one of your working station, so it needs to look good!

You may not realize it, but how your kitchen looks can determine how people perceive. A well organized kitchen means you are neat and meticulous, with a little artsy designs to it people will appreciate the style and chic in you. So it’s about time you had some cool kitchen counter top and backsplash tile ideas to give your home a magical look.

Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash Tile

We begin with the backsplash, a small area behind your sink or the stove. We don’t normally put thought to it since all it does is got the slimy splashes from your cooking or washing. So many of us only see a wall protector but your backsplash can bring a difference to how your kitchen looks. Try working with stone marble tile for your stovetop to give your kitchen design an urbane look, which blends in to the ceramic feel in your walls or floors.

The Kitchen countertop is a wide area thus means will be more noticeable. Marble has always been a tradition for countertops but you can try it in a different way. How about varying the patterns and colors of your kitchen island and see how it comes out. There are different ways to lay the tiles as well creating different looks from what we ordinarily see. The internet is full of ideas to try out, so don’t install that island tile before making sure it won’t look similar to what the Joneses have next door.

Another great kitchen countertop and backsplash tile idea is giving both areas the same tile design. You can go with the same pattern and color to complement each other and give tasty highlights to your entire kitchen. On the hand, you can take your artsy level a notch higher and contrast these two areas. It is a tough one to pull so you may need an interior designer’s help to make sure the end result is good.

It is not all the time that you want to do a complete kitchen makeover. However, if you feel you can do with a little different look in your cooking area, then thing of changing small details like the kitchen countertop and backsplash.


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Subway Tiles and Glass Mosaics

Subway tiles have this unique ability to create a brick like appearance on walls it is used in. this design is owed to way back in early 19th century when the tiles were first used to decorate subways in New York. It is from here the concept was borrowed, and today we have the option of experimenting that brick look with different tile types.

Subway tile is characterized by the interlocking rectangle patterns on its surface, hence the nickname brick. Ever since the concept was borrowed from New York train alleys these tiles have found their way into homes as the idea decorative material. This is because of a number of advantages the tile model possesses. First it is cheaper than most tiles in the market like stone or wood. Additionally, subway tiles are ceramic in nature thus are resistant to moisture hence cannot be easily stained. Moreover, they don’t retain allergen or odor on the surface which is why they are used a lot of times in remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

Since its advent, the ‘brick’ structure has moved from ceramic and is now being tested in other materials in the market. Glass mosaics are one of the successful shifts from ceramic and which really do an excellent decorative job when used. The modern day kitchen will have glass mosaic subway on the island or backsplash. The 3 by 6 inch tiles are perfect on these small areas since using glass all over your kitchen may come out looking a bit redundant. But for the backsplash or island, it brings out a conspicuous effect by being the center of attraction when you walk into your kitchen.

Subway Tiles and Glass Mosaic Tiles for your Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom Design

Previously, subway tile was mostly used in white but new inventions have allowed the experimenting of different colors. How one chooses they colored subway glass mosaics depends on what theme or mood they want to achieve. Since the kitchen and bathroom need a relaxed look all the time, warm colored subway tiles are more ideal. The size of the brick-like tiles has also changed over the years. The trademark 3by6inch tile is now being succeeded with 4×4, 4×8 and 4×10 inch tiles.

The subway tiles and glass mosaics blend is working and more homes are warming up to the idea. If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom or kitchen as well you can try a glass mosaic subway tile for a fresh and isolated look.

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A Simple Way to Revamp Your Kitchen!

We all dream of a lovely kitchen design with just the perfect décor and generous bits of accentuation here and there. The excitement is even bigger when it’s your first time to revamp a dull looking kitchen. Remember, it’s not about how good your meals tastes alone; if you can add a tastefully decorated kitchen into the picture, then you have one of the best homes on earth.

Then comes the hard part, what kind of remodeling will you do for your kitchen? Most likely you are thinking about ripping off the walls and floor tiles and putting in a new layer of tiles. Or perhaps changing kitchen cabinets or replacing the faucets. However, have you ever tried a simple kitchen décor technique of giving your backsplash a new look?

Yes it sounds a bit crazy, maybe way over! Who would notice a backsplash tile? Besides the area is so tiny and is always filled with grease and murk.  But with the right tile selection, your backsplash can add color to your kitchen; you don’t even have to do a complete makeover. From the wide selection we have today, a good pick for your kitchen would be marble tile.

Kitchen renovation kitchen floor tiles countertops

The advantages of using marble are unlimited. It comes with special glitter on its surface and patterns that occur naturally since it is mined stone. Marble is beautiful to look at and it brings out your backsplash. It’s a small area of detail that gives your kitchen life and a tasteful contrast to the rest of the décor. Marble also has durable quality so your backsplash tile will never wear off and it doesn’t allow stuff to stick on the surface thus easy to clean.

To give a chic look and tasteful kitchen interior, try throwing in different colors for the entire kitchen and the backsplash. The colors can be contrasting or accentuating, however you want the inspiration to look like. If you have no ideas of your own, then do a bit of online research or watch a few videos. You can borrow an idea and customize it to suit your own taste and preference.

Marble tile for your kitchen is a simple way to add a touch of color to your kitchen without doing an entire makeover. Plus it’s cheaper, you just need to measure the area behind your stove or sink and get the exact number of marble to cover it.


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