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A Simple Way to Revamp Your Kitchen!

We all dream of a lovely kitchen design with just the perfect décor and generous bits of accentuation here and there. The excitement is even bigger when it’s your first time to revamp a dull looking kitchen. Remember, it’s not about how good your meals tastes alone; if you can add a tastefully decorated kitchen into the picture, then you have one of the best homes on earth.

Then comes the hard part, what kind of remodeling will you do for your kitchen? Most likely you are thinking about ripping off the walls and floor tiles and putting in a new layer of tiles. Or perhaps changing kitchen cabinets or replacing the faucets. However, have you ever tried a simple kitchen décor technique of giving your backsplash a new look?

Yes it sounds a bit crazy, maybe way over! Who would notice a backsplash tile? Besides the area is so tiny and is always filled with grease and murk.  But with the right tile selection, your backsplash can add color to your kitchen; you don’t even have to do a complete makeover. From the wide selection we have today, a good pick for your kitchen would be marble tile.

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The advantages of using marble are unlimited. It comes with special glitter on its surface and patterns that occur naturally since it is mined stone. Marble is beautiful to look at and it brings out your backsplash. It’s a small area of detail that gives your kitchen life and a tasteful contrast to the rest of the décor. Marble also has durable quality so your backsplash tile will never wear off and it doesn’t allow stuff to stick on the surface thus easy to clean.

To give a chic look and tasteful kitchen interior, try throwing in different colors for the entire kitchen and the backsplash. The colors can be contrasting or accentuating, however you want the inspiration to look like. If you have no ideas of your own, then do a bit of online research or watch a few videos. You can borrow an idea and customize it to suit your own taste and preference.

Marble tile for your kitchen is a simple way to add a touch of color to your kitchen without doing an entire makeover. Plus it’s cheaper, you just need to measure the area behind your stove or sink and get the exact number of marble to cover it.


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