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How To Clean Marble Tiles

If you are looking for intricate tiles that provide a luxurious feel, you can never go wrong with marble tiles. What’s more, variations such as tile mosaic combinations work well to provide a truly unique look for your interior design. While marble is an extremely durable material – the ancient Roman temples can attest to that – you should still take the proper steps to clean it well for retaining its natural luster. Want to keep your marble tile installation in a mint condition? Follow these effective and safe cleaning tips!

Dust Mop and Vacuum

The first thing you should do for cleaning marble tiles is to sweep up small debris and dirt using a dust mop. Make sure that the mop has a fluffy, soft head that can trap dust effectively. Microfiber dust mops will do just fine. When you sweep your marble tiles, you will want to prevent the debris from grinding against the stone surface. Ensure that you mop on a weekly basis, and not let grit and dirt build up. If you allow minute scratches to occur on the surface, it will become noticeable over time.

After this, it’s a good practice to vacuum the floor. While doing so, ensure that the wheels are functioning right and they don’t have any rough edges that can scratch your tiles. If your vacuum has any metal attachments, remove them to prevent damage on your beautiful tiles.

Use a Mild and pH Neutral Cleaning Solution

You can wet mop your marble tiles, but ensure that you use a mild cleaning solution that is pH neutral. Acidic substances are known to corrode marble materials, so do avoid using any harsh cleaners. Cleaners that contain vinegar or lemon are a no-no. When you shop at your local hardware store, look for quality cleaners that are suitable for regular use.

When you mop your tiles, you have to wring the mop just enough to avoid sloshing excess water on your floor. In addition, use a dry cloth to wipe down the surfaces to help them dry faster after mopping and prevent water spots from forming.

Throw the Scrubby Sponge Away and Use a Soft Cloth Instead

If you are planning to wipe a small area of your marble tiles by hand, you should never use scrubby sponges that are made out of steel wool. Metal will scratch your marble surfaces! A soft cloth is the perfect alternative for the task at hand.

Clean Up Any Oil-Based Stains, Mold and Organic Material

If your marbles tiles are stained by mold, food or other oil-based products, you should clean the affected area with a cleaning solution, water and a gentle cloth. Check the contents of the cleaning solution and ensure that it has only one of the following: acetone, mineral spirits, ammonia or bleach. You should never combine these substances together as it may produce a lethal gas.

Removing Paint from Your Marble Tiles

If you notice blots of paint on your marble tiles, quickly use a thin blade and some lacquer to gently scrape it off. Take extra care here as you do not want to scratch the natural stone. If you are dealing with thick paint, consider using a commercial-grade paint stripper (heavy liquid) that can be found at local hardware stores to help you rescue your tiles.

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