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Dark Emperador Marble Tiles and Glass Tiles

Dark can be the new light. If you are considering using Dark Emperador marble tiles but want a touch of shine in them a little dubbing with glass tiles is all you need. It has been tried before and worked, so you can be assured it’s not a new experiment you are cooking up, but rather getting with the latest trends in interior design.

One thing you will notice about dark Emperador marble tiles is the specs of light showing up on the dark surface. These are the polyester resins they put on the tile during processing to give the dark hue a glossy touch. However, when the stone veining is too big, the resins will shrink inside and the shine may be a bit faint. But this does not mean you give up on Dark Emperador all together, modern builders are accentuating tiles to add more attractions and sophistication. For you, glass tiles will do the job just fine.

Dark Emperador Marble Tiles and Glass Tiles For Your Bathroom Tile Design

With the help of glass tiles, Dark Emperador can look brighter than they actually look. It will be a good consideration for your kitchen where dark Emperador will create an urban executive look. The glass tiles will come in to dab some light here and there and bring more attraction to the dark floors and walls. Your backsplash or kitchen-island is the best place to throw in the glass look. If you don’t have an island the counter tops will work just fine.

Dark Emperador marble tiles and glass tiles can be a good choice for your bathroom as well. The general knowledge in interior design is that dark colors will make a room look smaller and cozier. This is an ideal look for your bathroom since it is your place of Zen and relaxation. But since you don’t want your bathroom to look really small, throwing in light colors will help give the impression of space. You can see why glass tile is a crucial compliment of Emperador; as the dark tile makes the room cozy, glass tile gives it light and a spacious feel.

Dark tiles are perfect to hide dirt which is often referred to as clean tiles. White tiles can easily show dirt or scum when it accumulated, however Emperador is dark in color offering a perfect camouflage not forgetting that it is stone tile which has low resistance to staining. So don’t limit your interior look, be different by throwing in dark Emperador marble tiles and glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

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