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White has always been a color of elegance and you can choose it as a theme for your interior when you purchase the Thassos White Marble Collection. This tiles spark beauty wherever they are installed; in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or even out door. Using either a classic or modern style approach, it’s about time you transformed how your house looked with Thassos marble tiles.

Nothing can compare to Thassos white marble in beauty, and the possibility of playing around with colors gives you multiple options of beautifying your house. Marble stone is also known to be durable and tough in nature, so you won’t ever complain about a chip on the floor or a crack on the wall. Our Thassos White Marble collection will last you a lifetime and in this lifetime your home will always have a beautiful and natural edge you will appreciate every day.

It’s about time you got rid of the cement floors and rotting wooden floors and have a complete makeover. Thassos White Marble tiles will make your home striking and elegant as opposed to the dullness you once knew of.

Just make your order today of any tile choice in the Thassos White Marble collection we have and we’ll send the package and installation experts to your doorstep.

Thassos White Marble for Your Kitchen Floor Tile And Bathroom Wall Tile

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A new look in your bathroom renovation you need this year and if you already have that in mind, then you are considering bathroom tile ideas. There are scores of options out there to use as flooring so you need to know what kind of décor you are trying to achieve. You can choose to go with vivid textures or laidback ones; on the other hand you can choose one color option or decide on an artistic blend.

Since it’s your bathroom, there is no limit to how you can spice up the interior. When it comes to bathroom tile ideas, there are several ways to go about it. First, you need to decide on the size of the tile you will use. Larger tiles cover more space faster and you will need less of them to carpet an entire area. Moreover, large tiles will also give your bathroom a contemporary look. For smaller tiles, it will take lots of them to completely fill an entire room but they also have the advantage of fitting into small paces big tiles cannot. Style-wise, smaller tiles are perfect for creating a traditional look in your bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Ideas White Carrara Marble Tiles and Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles


After size, your next decision on bathroom marble tile ideas is deciding which tile type to use. For most houses, the choice bathroom interior option is ceramic. While it’s not a bad idea, it may come out as a cliché if used in the normal way we are all use to seeing. So you can play with ceramic ideas a bit or settle for something different. There are other tile makes out there like stone marble, glass, vinyl or even wood. Let your bathroom look different, and if you really have to choose ceramic because of affordability, then blend it with some marble or glass. Create a bathroom interior never seen before!

Color is another aspect to consider when drafting bathroom tile ideas. Take a minute and study the interior of your bathing area. Notice the color blends used by the contractors so you can go with something that accentuates or gives an artistic tile contrast. On the other hand, you also have the freedom to wipe all colors and have a clean surface to work on. From here you can decide on which colors you want and what kind of ambience to create.

You can visit websites online or even read home interior magazines to get as many bathroom tile ideas as possible.


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Dark Emperador Marble Tiles and Glass Tiles

Dark can be the new light. If you are considering using Dark Emperador marble tiles but want a touch of shine in them a little dubbing with glass tiles is all you need. It has been tried before and worked, so you can be assured it’s not a new experiment you are cooking up, but rather getting with the latest trends in interior design.

One thing you will notice about dark Emperador marble tiles is the specs of light showing up on the dark surface. These are the polyester resins they put on the tile during processing to give the dark hue a glossy touch. However, when the stone veining is too big, the resins will shrink inside and the shine may be a bit faint. But this does not mean you give up on Dark Emperador all together, modern builders are accentuating tiles to add more attractions and sophistication. For you, glass tiles will do the job just fine.

Dark Emperador Marble Tiles and Glass Tiles For Your Bathroom Tile Design

With the help of glass tiles, Dark Emperador can look brighter than they actually look. It will be a good consideration for your kitchen where dark Emperador will create an urban executive look. The glass tiles will come in to dab some light here and there and bring more attraction to the dark floors and walls. Your backsplash or kitchen-island is the best place to throw in the glass look. If you don’t have an island the counter tops will work just fine.

Dark Emperador marble tiles and glass tiles can be a good choice for your bathroom as well. The general knowledge in interior design is that dark colors will make a room look smaller and cozier. This is an ideal look for your bathroom since it is your place of Zen and relaxation. But since you don’t want your bathroom to look really small, throwing in light colors will help give the impression of space. You can see why glass tile is a crucial compliment of Emperador; as the dark tile makes the room cozy, glass tile gives it light and a spacious feel.

Dark tiles are perfect to hide dirt which is often referred to as clean tiles. White tiles can easily show dirt or scum when it accumulated, however Emperador is dark in color offering a perfect camouflage not forgetting that it is stone tile which has low resistance to staining. So don’t limit your interior look, be different by throwing in dark Emperador marble tiles and glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

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Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash Tile

All kitchens may look good for preparing family meals in, but not all of them have that homely feeling. A little sprucing up of the kitchen counter top or backsplash tile can make a big difference in how your cooking area looks. And if you are a stay at home mum, remember this is one of your working station, so it needs to look good!

You may not realize it, but how your kitchen looks can determine how people perceive. A well organized kitchen means you are neat and meticulous, with a little artsy designs to it people will appreciate the style and chic in you. So it’s about time you had some cool kitchen counter top and backsplash tile ideas to give your home a magical look.

Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash Tile

We begin with the backsplash, a small area behind your sink or the stove. We don’t normally put thought to it since all it does is got the slimy splashes from your cooking or washing. So many of us only see a wall protector but your backsplash can bring a difference to how your kitchen looks. Try working with stone marble tile for your stovetop to give your kitchen design an urbane look, which blends in to the ceramic feel in your walls or floors.

The Kitchen countertop is a wide area thus means will be more noticeable. Marble has always been a tradition for countertops but you can try it in a different way. How about varying the patterns and colors of your kitchen island and see how it comes out. There are different ways to lay the tiles as well creating different looks from what we ordinarily see. The internet is full of ideas to try out, so don’t install that island tile before making sure it won’t look similar to what the Joneses have next door.

Another great kitchen countertop and backsplash tile idea is giving both areas the same tile design. You can go with the same pattern and color to complement each other and give tasty highlights to your entire kitchen. On the hand, you can take your artsy level a notch higher and contrast these two areas. It is a tough one to pull so you may need an interior designer’s help to make sure the end result is good.

It is not all the time that you want to do a complete kitchen makeover. However, if you feel you can do with a little different look in your cooking area, then thing of changing small details like the kitchen countertop and backsplash.


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Crema Marfil marble tile is not new in construction; its popularity spreads worldwide thanks to its qualities as a stone tile. It is tough, durable and has a unique gloss that gives any home that hotel styled theme. It may feel expensive to buy at first, but when you window shop for discounts you will have the tiles with you sooner than you think.

This stone tile is appreciated by most builders and home owners because of the swirling and diversity seen on its surface patterns. It is easy to work with as well, and one doesn’t have to hire help to install if you have a little DIY skill in you. Though tough in nature, Crema Marfil Marble is easy to cut with a normal tile cutter and you can shape it to whatever style or size you want. Speaking more on size, the stone tile is normally cut in large sizes which make it easy to cover as much room as possible within a short time.

The Crema look is definitely covetable whether used on walls or floors. Marfil marble suits any area of your house where you need some sophisticated tweak. It beautifies your bathroom décor and accentuates the details of your kitchen. Its color is a perfect backdrop for your living room furniture and you are at will to add any other decorative details like paintings or sculptors. The best way to decorate with Crema Marfil marble tile is to play around with neutral tones, then build up interesting color designs with your furniture or other items in your house.

Crema marfil marble tile and mosaic

This Crema luxurious feel is available in the market at different prices. You can purchase it locally if there is a local store available or alternatively ship it from overseas. While buying, you can choose to be creative and order mosaic Marfil marble. It still bears the Crema hue like its counterparts but it adds other colors, texture feel or even veining on the surface. Crema Marfil Mosaic tile is perfect if you have an artistic mind in interior décor.

There are certain pointers you need to know while purchasing this stone tile. Make sure you are available to inspect the delivery to make sure all tiles match the colors you ordered and are also in the shape required. The tile condition is also important as some may arrive chipped or broken and may need replacing.

Let a mosaic interior inspire you while purchasing Crema Marfil marble tile, you won’t regret the decision.

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3×6 Marble Subway Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen

Timber White Marble 3x6 Subway Tile Tumbled Silver Travertine 3x6 Subway Tile Thassos White Marble 3x6 Subway Tile Brushed Noce 3x6 Subway Tile Ming Green Marble 3x6 Polished Subway Tile Light Emperador Marble 3x6 Polished Subway Tile Jerusalem Gold 3x6 Subway Tile Honey Onyx 3 X 6 Polished Premium Brick / Subway Tile Bianco Dolomiti 3x9 Polished Marble Tile Dark Emperador 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Crema Marfil Selecto 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Crema Marfil 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Bianco Carrara 3x6 Polished Marble Tile Cappuccino 3 x 6 Polished Marble Subway Tile Calacatta Golden Marble 3x6 Polished Tile 3x8 Calacatta Gold Tile Mosaic Botticino 3x6 Polished Marble Tile 3x6 Ceramic Subway Tile Afyon Sugar Premium Polished 3x6 Tile Crema Caramel Onyx 3x6 Subway Tile

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Subway Tiles and Glass Mosaics

Subway tiles have this unique ability to create a brick like appearance on walls it is used in. this design is owed to way back in early 19th century when the tiles were first used to decorate subways in New York. It is from here the concept was borrowed, and today we have the option of experimenting that brick look with different tile types.

Subway tile is characterized by the interlocking rectangle patterns on its surface, hence the nickname brick. Ever since the concept was borrowed from New York train alleys these tiles have found their way into homes as the idea decorative material. This is because of a number of advantages the tile model possesses. First it is cheaper than most tiles in the market like stone or wood. Additionally, subway tiles are ceramic in nature thus are resistant to moisture hence cannot be easily stained. Moreover, they don’t retain allergen or odor on the surface which is why they are used a lot of times in remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

Since its advent, the ‘brick’ structure has moved from ceramic and is now being tested in other materials in the market. Glass mosaics are one of the successful shifts from ceramic and which really do an excellent decorative job when used. The modern day kitchen will have glass mosaic subway on the island or backsplash. The 3 by 6 inch tiles are perfect on these small areas since using glass all over your kitchen may come out looking a bit redundant. But for the backsplash or island, it brings out a conspicuous effect by being the center of attraction when you walk into your kitchen.

Subway Tiles and Glass Mosaic Tiles for your Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom Design

Previously, subway tile was mostly used in white but new inventions have allowed the experimenting of different colors. How one chooses they colored subway glass mosaics depends on what theme or mood they want to achieve. Since the kitchen and bathroom need a relaxed look all the time, warm colored subway tiles are more ideal. The size of the brick-like tiles has also changed over the years. The trademark 3by6inch tile is now being succeeded with 4×4, 4×8 and 4×10 inch tiles.

The subway tiles and glass mosaics blend is working and more homes are warming up to the idea. If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom or kitchen as well you can try a glass mosaic subway tile for a fresh and isolated look.

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Defined by its warm and cream profile, Crema Marfil Marble adds life to an otherwise drab looking bathroom. It makes you look forward to coming home in the evening, soak in tub and just relax from the serene ambience. This marble tile is the makeover you have been looking for.

The big question is why you should use Crema Marfil water jet mosaic and not any other tile? First we mention the benefit off adding light to your bathroom. Cold uncovered bathrooms walls and floor are the first source of dullness. Crema marfil is a tile that can be polished and textured to give it a light look which will illuminate your bathroom. It distributes light all over the room to reflect off that warm glow.

Being a naturally mined stone, you are assured of durability when used as a bathroom tile. Crema Marfil water jet mosaic has a tough surface that will resist breakage from the amount of traffic you get to the bathroom. Moreover, the surface is also highly resistance to water logging so you can say goodbye to those days when your bathroom floor was cold and dump. Not forgetting that it reduces accidents since the surface is no longer as slippery.

All you need is a bit of texture on the tile’s profile to improve the grip on the surface and prevent slipper falls. You may find it quite expensive to give your house a crème tile makeover but you can consider the other option of blending in different tiles. Instead of carpeting the entire room with one type of bathroom tile, you can blend it with ceramic or porcelain for a lovely contrast. You just need to get two tile types that will complement each other in color, style and texture to achieve this glossy modern look.

Crema Marfil Water jet Mosaic: A New Look for Your Bathroom

You can purchase Crema Marfil tiles in tile stores around your area or you can opt to buy online. Online buying has to be the best option since you can get the tiles at a cheaper rate plus the chance of buying an exotic product. You just need to know if the online company offers shipment services and whether you will pay extra for shipping. You also need to know if the tile company has a return or refund policy in case the goods are brought with defect.

Crema Marfil is the solution to give your boring old bathroom a penthouse kind of makeover. It comes in different models which give you lots of options to experiment with.


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We all have that dream home we want to have. Better yet, some of us dream of a fantastic renovation of our homes; transforms them into glossy nests we can always be glad to perch in. For those of us who are already on the way to the dream house, you probably are shopping for material to use. So how about we introduce you to the good old Calacatta Gold marble?

If you are asking what that is, we can say it’s a unique way of inspiring royalty to your home using tiles. Calacatta Gold is a special stone tile mined in the hearts of Italy, on the Appian Mountains. Ever since it was discovered, it has been heavily used as a floor tile as well as wall tile, creating remarkable artistic visuals with a touch of natural gold in it. Calacatta gold tile also has one unique trait you won’t notice in most tiles; you can easily mix it with other slab colors, specifically gold extra, Calacatta Borghini, Crema and Super Extra.

calacatta gold marble tile and mosaic

Calacatta gold is also one of the few tiles with a unique pencil vein detail centering the white hue background and grey veins on the tile as well. This is the perfect choice for artistic walls and floors but be sure to use the right slab colors if you want to bring in more colors; if the slab and tile don’t match in color tones then it may affect the overall look of your walls/floors.

There are plenty of places in the house you can experiment with the pristine Calacatta gold tile. How about the living room wall that is a background for your TV and home theater system? Calacatta wall tile will create a covetable golden hue that will always shine before you. Moreover, you will definitely fall in love with your walls in the morning, when a streak of sunlight illuminates the golden yellows.

Installing the beautiful Calacatta gold tile is a pretty easy job as well. However you just need to be careful to use white thinset instead of grey. White thinsets will absorb the trowel lines whereas grey may leave behind ugly marks which may taint the exquisite nature of the tiles. If you also want your Calacatta floor tile or wall tile to last longer make sure it is properly sealed with grout.

You still have that dream home in mind? We already have you covered on the best tiles to you use. Just think Calacatta gold tile all the way, all your friends will definitely take selfies beside your shiny golden walls.

Visit: http://AllMarbleTiles.com

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How to Tile Your Floor and Save Some Money. Laying down tiles can be a pretty expensive job since you need to buy the flooring equipment as well as hire labor. But what if you could lay down your own tiles and minimize the cost? Moreover, by doing it yourself, you have the freedom to lay down the tiles however you want and whichever pattern you want.

how to flooring

As they say “When you want something done perfectly, do it yourself”. It may look like a hard job to do, but all you need are genius tips on how to tile your floor. There are so many people doing their own floor tiles, some even get to write articles about it online. So if you are a complete rookie, here are some basics on how to tile your floor and elevate the look of your interior.

how to flooring

The first thing you need to know is how to prepare the ground before laying down the tiles. You will need to inspect your floor to determine what is made of so you can know how to prepare. If it’s non-tiled floor cement, the work will be quite easy since you will scrape off the surface then move to foundation laying. However a wooden floor will need a different approach; the type of wood used on your tile flooring will determine how much work is needed to prepare plus what kind of tools to work with.

how to flooring

When the floor is clean and bare, you will then need to lay a foundation for the tiles. This is done by first applying a layer of cement which will hold the tiles in place and prevent them popping off. Now before you even get to the laying of tiles, you need to know some other pre-installation tips which will guide your DIY job.

how to flooring

Before starting your flooring, you need to know how many floor tiles are needed for a complete job. This will mean measuring all rooms to be tiled from end to end and multiply this area. You will multiply the area of one tile as well then divide that figure to the area of the room. This will give you an approximate figure of tiles to buy. One more thing, for this to work the room in question must be an accurate square or rectangle. If not, then measure an accurate square/rectangle around the area leaving out the irregular edges. You will purchase some extra tiles, which you will trim off during installation to fill up these edges.

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