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Dark Emperador Marble Tile Mosaic Moulding and Border Collection NJ, NY, PA, VA, CT

Dark Emprador Marble collection is a classic marble tile used in five start hotels. This is a great chance to bring that intercontinental feeling to your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Dark Emprador is a one of a kind marble tile resembling a jewel stone with a touch of espresso brown hue. Like the Antic marble, the Dark Emprador also spots dark veins vividly running through the tile, which adds to its sophisticated luster.

The Dark Emprador Marble collection can create that masterpiece grand entrance to your living room or a striking environment where you take your warm baths in. This same espresso brown effect can paint your entire kitchen blending in with the matching brown kitchenware you have. Moreover, you can decide to use one shade of Dark Emprador Marble tile or you can work with different browns to add some sophistication.

Marble is known to create a natural stone look in any room it is used in and it is quite tough and resistant to damage. Maintenance is pretty easy as well because it doesn’t stain that easy and you only need a rug and detergent to wipe the surface once a while to maintain the sparkle.  You can order our Dark Emprador Marble Tile Collection anytime and we’ll make the delivery to your door step.


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