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As you climb out of the shower and step onto the mat, your eye catches the light blue tile that’s been there for the last ten years. You have saved some money to renovate your bathroom, and you really want to get rid of the cold feeling you get from the light blue floor tiles and white wall tiles. You feel like you are in a hospital bathroom and decide that the atmosphere needs to exude warmth. You look at the boring white tiles which tell no story except for the steam which looks like teardrops running down the whiteness, obviously saddened by the state of affairs. Well, have you ever considered Dark Emperador tiles?

Dark Emperador marble, as the name suggests, is a dark brown colored marble with white, crossed veins. Its origins stems from Spain, mainly quarried in the towns of Yecla, Jumilla and Caudete, and are seen as Spanish natural stone. Its dark base color gets beautifully broken by the white irregular veins. It demands a high market demand throughout the world. It is specifically used in interior design with moderate use as a floor tile. It can be combined with lighter stones with amazing effects. It creates a very warm look. Ensure however, to break the darkness with light colored walls for instance. Dark Emperador floor tiles comes in various finishes where polished and honed are most common.

Dark Emperador Marble Tiles and Mosaics



Dark Emperador mosaic tiles is commonly used in conjunction with a lighter mosaic tile like Carrara to create a shape or pattern which stands out against the lighter tiles. If you want a wall to really tell a story, this tile will tell that story.  Commonly in honeycomb sheets or as individual tiles, you can get really creative here. Your local tile shop will be able to assist in your creation and creative thinking.

Dark Emperador comes in various thicknesses, from 1cm up to 3cm. Porosity is at 0.66% and density is at 2.71 gram per cubic centimeter. Water absorption is at 0.18%. It can be then deduced that this is a strong, durable tile. Also, Dark Emperador is available in various edges, including but not limited to straight and beveled.

Next time you step out of your shower, you can be greeted with a warm atmosphere where the steam stops against the wall tile and admire its beauty before going on its merry way.

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